d.o.c. 2 – Vincenzo Mirabello (piano) e Massimo Russo (batteria)




d.o.c.2 The Project

The d.o.c.2 project was born from the idea of Vincenzo Mirabello ( piano ) and Massimo Russo ( drum ), 2 italian musicians from the South of Italy ( Vibo Valentia ).

They wanted to create something where the audience can have a complete experience with sounds and shows.

All songs, composed by Mirabello, are stories in music full of passion, love and Italian flavor.

The music goes from Latin-Jazz to Mediterranean Melodies, from Jazz to Fusion in a fantastic travel around percussion sounds.


Since the 2006 the d.o.c. 2 performed all around Italy in the best Jazz and Music festival.

From the 2013 they start to be required all around the world and until now they collected Concerts in: England, Germany, Spain, China.

They also perform demos for big Brand at Frankfurt Musik Messe and Shanghai Musik Messe.

At the moment the d.o.c.2 are continuously called to perform in Theatre, Clubs, Festivals because of their great versatility.


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